busenkelt. is a company that was born out of one simple idea, to manufacture and install custom fabricated anything to your home, office, garden or shop. If you are a private person, Interior Designer, Architect or Fine Artist and have a great idea and design of something you would like to see in your world, we can fabricate it for you! Whether it needs to be made of wood, metal, acrylic, leather or fabric, with or without electricity, we can do it.

busenkelt. was founded in 2012 by Kent Karlsson and Kersti Myrberg, two Swedes that both have lived in Los Angeles for a very long time. They both grew up in a small beautiful town called Strängnäs and unbeknownst of each other they both decided to emigrate to Los Angeles in their early 20s. Somehow their paths crossed a few years back and that was that.

Kent is a now a General Contractor but has during his time here in LA had several successful companies. He owned and operated California Landau, a classic antique car restoration company that won numerous awards for show cars. He has also had a company that designed and manufactured plastic parts for the boat industry, another company was a cabinet wood shop.

Kent has a natural curiosity for problem solving and loves working with his hands, that combined with his eye for detail and quality makes him a true craftsman. Oh, and he comes from a line of Swedish craftsmen/carpenters from the 1600’s on his father’s side of the family.

For fun Kent is an avid sailor and has competed successfully in the Nautica Star Class World Championships and the Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race to name a few. His interest in sailing and beautiful old boats placed him on the team that completely renovated Lone Fox, a 65’ Ocean Racing Ketch that was originally built in Scotland 1957 for Col. Whitbread.

Kersti is an Animation Artist and has worked in the animation industry since 1997. She has worked in studios around town as Fox TV Animation, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV and Adelaide Productions/Sony Pictures Television. She is currently working at Fox TV Animation on a show called Family Guy.

Kersti has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Otis/Parsons College of Art and Design. She has a life long interest in art and design that might have begun with her mothers passion for Mid-Century modern Scandinavian ceramics. She has a keen eye and is working on several designs for busenkelt, stay tuned! She can assist you in your designing of stuff if you like some input.

For fun Kersti is an avid horse woman who hangs out at the barn 5 days a week whilst day dreaming of mastering the art of dressage.

Claremont banquette

Designed and build by us in 2013.

IMG_6880 IMG_6883 IMG_6900 IMG_6889

KYA display

Designed by Hanne built by us 2013.

IMG_3924 IMG_3923 IMG_3919 IMG_3917

Avon media cabinet

Designed by Fredrik built by us in 2012.

IMG_2453 IMG_2452

Claremont bathroom shelf

Designed by Dean and Michael built by us in 2012.

IMG_6704 IMG_6695

Benton garden shed

A sweet little garden shed designed and built by us in 2012.


Lorelei pergola

A pergola designed and built by us in 2012.


Hidden Valley cabinets

Installed by us in 2012.

IMG_1169 IMG_0781 IMG_0916 IMG_1153

Firenze cabinets

Installed by us in 2012.

IMG_1538 IMG_1045 IMG_0879 IMG_6216